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“I love the sense of responsibility that the prefect system gives you”

Year 13 student


Team building and community work are an important part of life in the Sixth Form, and give students the opportunities to develop a particular skill set or challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone. The nature of these activities is diverse, blending physical, mental and reflective skills.

Induction Days: these occur at key times in the year and have a particular focus and goal. Students come off timetable and work with the Sixth Form Team on the specific issue for that session. Induction days have included teambuilding, starting the university application process, leadership training for Prefects and community projects.

Leadership Training and Service to the Community: this is an area in which we encourage all students to become active participants. Our students have the potential to be influential in the school and the wider community and understanding the importance of this coupled with the huge personal satisfaction and reward students achieve from this is priceless.

All Sixth Formers have to complete an application form to be a Prefect and this represents an excellent opportunity to practise applications prior to applying for jobs and university. Even those who do not wish to apply have to reflect on a number of issues, a process which gives valuable insight to the Sixth Form Team. Every year around 20 students are selected initially with a few more added later when the Heads of School are appointed. We invest time in our Prefects knowing they will be the leaders of our school as well as the senior students that others will turn to. We have two types of Prefect – School Prefects and Pastoral Prefects. Each role has the same privileges and importance to us.

Pastoral Prefects work with the Form Tutor and Key Stage Head of a young year group and act as a mentor as well as a ‘listener’ to the students in the form. The students undertake training for this role and learn how to manage a wide range of situations they may come across.

School Prefects have an individual area of responsibility as well as being involved in the school community such as running the lunch queues. These areas of responsibility are varied and reflect the strengths of the prefects. Examples include Tours, Social Prefect, International Liaison, Attic (Sixth Form Centre) as well as Chapel and Environment Prefects.

Once selected, Prefects undertake three intensive days of leadership training on Dartmoor in June. This training helps to push the Prefects out of their comfort zone as well as identify potential Heads of School. This opportunity teaches the students a huge amount about how they manage their peers and allows them to develop strategies to be effective leaders. Students are observed in their roles and receive 1:1 feedback from the Sixth Form Team on their performance during the course.