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Pastoral Care

“It’s like your second family, everyone gets on with one another”

Year 10 student

We are understandably proud of our reputation for outstanding pastoral care. Whilst recent inspections confirm what we already know - that our pastoral care is 'outstanding - more importantly our families rely upon it and our pupils thrive because of it.

Pupils are individuals and the journey through education may be straight forward for some. However, for others it can be a very challenging and difficult time. Students will succeed in the classroom if they are happy, confident in themselves and feel safe. At Trinity we provide a network of systems which try to ensure that all students find opportunites to develop their own identity, increase resilience and become risk confident. Whilst success at all levels occur there are occassions when sudents need that extra support or guidance.

Form Tutors, Key Stage Heads and Boarding Staff all provide an excellent level of care and support and are often a first point of contact for students. These are the people that will know your child well and so can easily monitor their progress - academically, pastorally and emotionally.

In addition to these we have two qualified nurses, pastoral prefects (who can provide peer support), the school chaplain, independent listeners, a school counsellor and a number of staff that give up their limited free time as part of our 'Who to turn to' programme and so are available for students to 'drop in' and discuss any issues.

To ensure that, despite many levels of support, a student does not 'slip beneath the radar' we have Pastoral Review meetings which we believe are unique to Trinity. Every half term feedback is gathered from a variety of sources - teaching staff, medical staff, learning support and bursarial - along with progress reports, to get a bigger picture of how each student is doing. Any potential issues are discussed and a plan put in place to support students. This has proved to be hugely successful over the years and has helped a number of students reach their goals when, if left unnnoticed, they could have significantly under performed.

The prefect system and mentors throughout school contribute to the ‘family’ atmosphere that is so often commented upon. Class representatives on the School Council take their responsibility seriously and enjoy helping to shape the future of our school.  

Within all families are friendly rivalries and our Inter-House competitions are passionately contested and supported. Pupils throughout the school represent either; Luscombe (Yellow), Powderham (Red) or Ugbrooke (Blue). Siblings are placed in the same house and family loyalties build up. Staff also have House allegiances and are often the loudest voices cheering at our events.