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In contrast to other schools we had a look at before enrolling our son, Trinity never appeared posh or radiated a sense of complacent arrogance. The education seems perfectly balanced - Trinity combines perfect academic courses with an exceptionally warm-hearted and individually caring atmosphere in the boarding house. Our son felt fully integrated into a kind of large family right after starting his time in Trinity.”

Boarder Parent

Welcome to Boarding

Our community is friendly and caring, with staff and pupils enjoying positive relations based on mutual respect. The Boarding community is small enough to have a distinct family atmosphere, whilst being large and varied enough to allow all to find their niche.

We live by the following key principles:

  • The development of the whole person and the communication of positive personal and cultural values are vital.
  • Being an open and trusting school, boarding is based upon mutual respect for all its members.
  • Each boarder has the right to be able to work, play and relax free from abuse, intimidation, harassment, teasing and bullying.
  • There is equality of opportunity and respect for all the boarders, regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender or disability.
  • Each boarder and each member of staff is to be treated with respect by other pupils and staff.
  • Each boarder has the right to extend his or her intellectual growth in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to learning.
  • All boarders should be able to develop physically, spiritually, culturally, intellectually, emotionally, academically, morally and socially.
  • Despite the distance separating boarders from their families, links with parents are seen as an indispensable part of the support and development of boarders.

Academic Development

A structured evening study programme allows boarders to take full advantage of the teaching staff who are available to assist, as well as giving them full access to the School's ICT facilities. Those boarders who require extra help receive it. There are regular weekend revision sessions held during the spring and summer terms for those nearing public examinations.

Personal Development

Our Pastoral care focuses on building self-confidence and providing the support required to develop both socially and morally. There are always opportunities for students to take part in trips or other activities at the weekends as well as taking on various levels of responsibility as they progress through the school. Social events are organised regularly, both on and off-site, designed appropriately for the various age groups. We recognise that it is important for boarders to learn to develop socially with appropriate restrictions in place to ensure their safety and well-being

Each house votes for their House Captain and Vice house Captain who then assist the boarding staff in the running of the house. The House Captains also meet with the Senior Deputy Head fortnightly to discuss matters as a whole boarding community.

Evenings & Weekends

Our Junior boarders (up to Year 8) have an organised trip or activity every Saturday and Sunday.

Boarders in Year 9 are allowed into Teignmouth whilst those in Years 10, 11 and Sixth Form are allowed into Exeter. All must follow correct signing in and out procedures.

Boarders in Years 11 and below attend a local Church, or an assembly in Chapel, on Sundays.

In the middle of each Half Term, a weekend is designated as an optional exeat weekend when pupils may go home, stay with their guardians or with friends. 

Boarders are encouraged to join outside groups, clubs and organisations. Written permission in advance will be required from parents or guardians before boarders are allowed to participate in high-risk activities whether arranged by the School or by outside organisations.

House staff will not be able to authorise overnight stays away from the school. If parents wish to authorise such stays, written permission can be sent by post, fax or e-mail and the school will then allow the pupil to go, provided that staff are happy that the arrangements are safe and appropriate.