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Year 8 Geography students in Newton Abbot to study urban land use

21st March 2017

Year 8 took on a new challenge with an ambitious field trip to Newton Abbot. They went to the town looking to develop a new urban land use model based on their own research and exploration of the town. The morning session saw the students collecting land use data from the town centre and interviewing members of the public. For some this was a huge personal challenge but they all completed the task and in doing so reminded themselves to be confident and believe in themselves. I was particularly proud when a member of the public made a point of finding me to comment on how polite and engaging the students were.

The afternoon was spent touring the many industrial and retail parks hidden around Newton Abbot. The diversity of sites was a real surprise for the students who never knew they existed. Newton Abbot is so much more than just a little country town.

On their return the students began an ambitious independent decisionmaking task which saw them designing their urban land use model and identifying and justifying the location of 2 new businesses from a list of 18. No two models were the same and the students learnt a great deal.