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Year 7 Settle in quickly

16th September 2017

After such a successful summer there was a real buzz at the new parents' tea as we welcomed all new pupils and for Key Stage Three our newest members - Year 7. Having been with us for an induction day in June, they all have taken the transition to Senior school in their stride and were happy to meet up with the new friends they had made on that day.

The following two days of induction were very full and busy.  A rainy start to the first day put a stop to our whole school assembly outside but relocating to the Chapel did mean that the Year 7 experienced first hand the roof raising singing of the whole school and Mr Coen's words of encouragement and 'fine' voice.

The day contiuned with the distribution of the new Trinity pocket diary to run alongside our electronic homework system and the all important timetable. To help the pupils familiarise themselves with the Senior Department and get to know their new peers better the pupils played 'Hunt the Room'.

During the two days year 7 also met with Mrs Bryant, Director of Studies, who spoke about our academic expectations and the system of progress tracking the pupils will be using to ensure they are meeting their targets and striving to exceed expectations, based on their CAT assessments. Mr Acher talked through the extensive range of extra curricular activities on offer this term including Bugsy Malone, Green Car challenge and Chinese cookery as well as a range of sporting and Art clubs.

The two days ended with a hands on Science lesson learning how to use Bunsen Burner's. I can still remember being a Year 7 (well actually in those days First year) drawing a bunsen burner in my Science book and my very happy school days - looking at the smiling faces going home on Friday I am sure there are many of those happy school days ahead for all of Year 7 too.


Mrs Davis, Head of Key Stage 3