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Year 7 set the vision for Trinity’s Anti Bullying week 2016

29th November 2016

Throughout Key Stage 3 the students have focussed on Anti Bullying in the first half of term. Year 7 decided to take it further and take their vision to the rest of the school.  During Anti Bullying week (14-18th November) they undertook a number of activities to raise awareness and to also provide support to our community.  It started with putting paper tweets (messages with anti-bullying quotes on) in pupil’s hymn books before Chapel.  Pupils were encouraged to keep the tweet in their pocket and if they had a rainbow tweet they got a free cake.  On Thursday they ran a ‘cake giveaway’ – not a sale.  Their idea was instead of pupils eating them they gave it to someone who might not expect it and then there was a message tucked in their cake.  This wonderful idea worked well and saw some students giving their cakes to staff.  One student aware of a teacher who could only have gluten free cake searched her out with a cupcake gift!  They also produced a range of badges for those who gave their cakes away with positive messages on them.

This project was driven by Year 7 and saw them working as a team, all pulling their weight and sending a strong message out to their school community. It was wonderful on Thursday to see so many year groups sharing and caring. At one point Year 7 were joined by Year 6 for a special Computing lesson on cyberbullying. Year 7 had prepared presentations to show the Year 6 pupils to explain what cyberbullying is. They explained the  different roles involved including victim, bully and bystanders and gave them the message that they should always report cyberbullying to a trusted adult. The two year groups watched a short clip called ‘Let’s fight it together’ a useful resource created by Childnet International whose website also holds a wealth of information for parents and carers ( 

Year 9 are currently on the final edit of their anti-bullying film they have produced which we hope to share with our community.