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Year 12 enjoy teambuilding and adventure activities at Finlake

23rd September 2015



Our new Year 12 students took a trip to Finlake for a day of outdoor adventure activities, team-building exercises and personal development. It was part of a 3-day Induction Programme which we provide for all our new 6th formers every year, with the aim of introducing them to Trinity 6th Form life, and the values, expectations and demands that come with it. It is a valuable experience for our students, and an immensely enjoyable one, with very successful outcomes.

We are grateful to Ellie Smith who has kindly supplied us with her own account of the day.

‘’So, on a chilly and very very rainy Monday morning we were put onto a coach with the promise of a fun day out whatever the weather, and off we went.

On a rotation of 4 exercises, I started off on Bodyzorbing – essentially a ball which you stood in the middle of and ran around in. We had a great amount of fun running around knocking each other over as we went about a series of challenges, getting quite muddy along the way!

Next up, High Ropes. An activity designed to get your heart racing, this involved being high in the trees, navigating your way around a series of obstacles, challenges and zipwires. These challenges were more difficult than they sound as they involved a climbing wall, a seesaw and several rickety bridges!



Having had a refreshing lunch and time to recuperate my group set about our next activity, Raft Building. This entailed six pieces of wood, 4 barrels and lots of rope! It started out so promisingly, with well tied knots and secure barrels. Sadly, it didn’t last. After being pushed in by Mr. Acher (thanks, Sir) I had no fear of falling off the raft anymore and fell in several times! So as a team we set about racing the other group against us. Needless to say it was an interesting experience and I’m sure any raft builder would probably have a thing or two to say to us but it was good fun all the same.


Archery was up next, and many people had near bulls eyes and popped the balloons which were our targets. I’m sure many people would agree with me when I say having the chocolate Freddos for prizes was a welcome treat!

Last up, Orienteering! This was…….interesting. Many teams had success, but our team got ever so slightly lost, and we made our way back having found only one of the letters, but having had a good walk!

It was a great day. The rain didn’t deter us from doing any of the fun activities planned for us and I think everyone would agree - “do we have to do lessons now?” Ellie Smith