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Whole School Wellbeing Day

18th October 2018

Our second whole school ‘Well-Being’ day on Monday saw our students challenged in a number of ways to explore different ways of managing the pressures and challenges that life offers up. 

The diverse range of activities found something for everyone, with opportunities for all students to have conversations about school life and things that matter; whether this was with their Form Tutor or as part of a session.

The response of students was diverse; some embrace the activities, others find it hard to acknowledge the need to consider how they find peace/quiet in their busy modern lives and some acknowledged they needed to unlearn some of the habits they have to help them as they move forward on their journey. Many of the activities were designed to allow students to try these activities at home or in any quiet space.

Our approach to supporting our pupils is that by getting strategies in place early, which helps manage and avoid ‘Well-Being’ First Aid later. Our students as ever showed maturity and a genuine openness to try new ideas and to communicate their views and feelings; this helps us to shape our future programmes and strategies.

A particular focus for this day was helping out students build their ‘House’ family values – the inter-house song competition, house mandala painting, house shield projects all working towards strengthening the bonds of their House Family (vertically from Year 7 through to Upper Sixth).