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21st October 2014

We have been delighted to welcome our new Anglican Chaplain, Reverend Jonathon Ross McNairn and his family. Reverend Jonathon brings a wealth of experience from his previous professional life as a solicitor, his time in the Territorial Army, his work in prison chaplaincy, as well as his experience of working within a parish – the perfect preparation for his role at Trinity!

Jonathon has already been involved in whole school life at Trinity. After leading our ‘Welcome back to School’ service with Father Jonathan, our Catholic Chaplain, he has been taking chapel services in Senior Department, assemblies in Prep and story time in our Nursery.  He is teaching across a wide range of areas including PSHME, Curriculum Enrichment and Sport and will be responsible for managing the Year 10 Work experience programme, as well providing careers guidance.

Reverend Jonathon wishes to emphasise that he is, above all, available for the whole school community to talk to individually and informally, which includes all students, staff, and their families.