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Welcome Back Service for Whole School

6th September 2019

Pupils, staff and other members of the Trinity community enjoyed the start of term with a whole school welcome back service.

It was brilliant to be able to introduce pupils old and new to the new school year with the whole school – from the Nursery through to Sixth Form - present on the Prep playground for the service, underpinned by our Christian principles.

Mr Coen echoed the message from Speech Day about us placing dots on our journey through school and life, which are the experiences, lessons, trips, activities that we take part in and enable to develop our character. Sometimes it will be obvious where that will lead but other times it will not be until afterwards, sometimes years later, when we realise how that moment helped shape who we are.

The message for this term that pupils took away is “Blame no one, Expect nothing and Do something”, which encourages all of us to take responsibility for what we do at home, at school and in life, to not assume that we are automatically entitled to anything, and to take action by making decisions and seeing them through.