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Trinity delighted with ISI inspection

18th July 2014

Trinity School has been praised in its recent ISI inspection report, six key areas being rated Excellent/Outstanding, with all other areas rated as Good. The inspectors reported that “the personal development of pupils, whether day or boarding, is excellent and the school is highly successful in creating a community where they show tolerance and respect for each other.”

The pastoral system was described as outstanding. The team reported that “staff and pupils across the school enjoy excellent, genuinely caring relationships, and behaviour is exemplary.”

The School’s drive to develop excellence in learning was also recognised, with inspectors finding that, “small class sizes and an atmosphere of intellectual encouragement promote pupils’ keenness as learners.”

The Early Years report was exceptional, the school being graded as Outstanding in all respects. The school-wide commitment to developing pupils’ initiative was evident even in the Early Years stage, where inspectors found, “an excellent balance between adult-led and child-initiated activities.”

Whilst there were aspects of record keeping that the inspectors felt could be further improved, in terms of pupil outcomes, the findings were emphatic that “by the time pupils leave the school they have an excellent standard of personal development.”

The Headmaster, Tim Waters, said, “With this report, our recent academic successes and a string of excellent performances at county and national level in sport, Young Enterprise and music, we have had a great year. There is also useful feedback in the report that will help focus our ongoing development.”

 Trinity School ISI Report