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The Real Easter Egg Giveaway

22nd February 2018

Revd Jonathon will again be running the Real Easter Egg Giveaway!

Linking the '40 Acts of Generosity' theme that is running throughout Lent at Trinity (see, with the idea behind The Real Easter Egg, he is asking for nominations of any pupil, staff member or parent who is REALLY GOOD NEWS in school life.

All nominations must include 1. the name of the person being nominated AND 2. a STORY to support why you think they are REALLY GOOD NEWS.

All nominations must be received by Revd Jonathon by Friday 23rd March.

The Real Easter Egg Giveaway is inclusive. Anyone in the school community can nominate and anyone in the school community can be awarded one. 

Who do you know who is REALLY GOOD NEWS for Trinity School?

The 12 Real Easter Eggs will be awarded at the end of term. More details to follow!