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The Headmaster's Message

15th December 2016

Dear Santa,

I’m not sure if you will have had many visits from the Senior pupils yet – they have been especially busy in the last few days, enjoying end of term events. These have included taking time to remember the real meaning of Christmas at our Christingle service, showing great courage and confidence in Trinity’s Got Talent, performing in the boarders’ pantomime and then showing how proud of the school they are at our Carol Service in St. Michael’s church. Despite this, I am sure that they all have their wish lists, and I was just wondering if you could add a couple of extra gifts from me. They are quite specific and may be difficult to get hold of, but I am sure you and your elves will find some way of helping.

A reward chart – this is similar to ones they may have had when they were younger, but with a slight twist. I need each pupil to have the elite version which automatically recognises whenever and whatever they have achieved – no matter how small or ’insignificant’ it may appear to them. I really want them to acknowledge their own personal successes and not compare themselves to others.

An inner self mirror - not easy to source and quite a rare present. I need you to give all of our pupils the type of mirror that reflects their inner selves and personalities. The problem with most mirrors is that they don’t reflect
the truth, just personal perceptions and insecurities. I really need them to be able to see their inner beauty and help them realise that it is who they are and what they do which is more important than what they look like.

Time – I bet you get asked for this all the time! If not possible, then how about just removing batteries from all time telling devices so that they can enjoy time with their family and friends without feeling under pressure or
looking at deadlines? This one is really important.

Plasticine – Ok, so old school, but this isn’t such a bad thing. I really just want our pupils to be able to realise that they can all be creative and be able to mould and shape their ideas.

And finally, as you leave, please sprinkle them all with that magic dust called I really want them to believe in themselves and listen rather than just hear. We all make mistakes but it means that we can learn and be better.

As for me, don’t worry, I had my early Christmas present in September; the joy of which will last with me forever.

Happy Christmas to all.

Mr C