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The Day of the Bees

29th April 2015

There was a buzz of excitement around the school last week when a swarm of bees took a fancy to the Tim Woollcott memorial bench and settled on it.  And who can blame them? The view over the sea towards Thatcher Rock is sublime, especially after a busy day in the hive.

But what to do about it?  In such a wonderful setting, the bees were content to stay put, so an expert was called.

The learning opportunity that was quickly seized upon by an eager Prep 6, and indeed a handful of curious staff. The pupils were fascinated to learn about how to coax the bees into a green box in order to move them away from their chosen home, and the bee man kindly answered a myriad of questions posed by the children. Everyone left knowing a great deal about bees, honey and life in the hive.