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Super Friday 2: Superhero Disco and Prefect Auction

25th November 2015

6th Form Charity Day was concluded with a spectacular 6th Form disco. People dressed up once again for the event, staying true to the Day’s theme of Superheroes.

A massive thank you to our Social Prefect and Head Girl, Emily Ware, for all that she put in to the organisation of the event and for pulling off a fantastic night – and especially for supplying the spectacular backdrop of Gotham City. It really added to the atmosphere of the occasion. Working closely with Charity Prefect, Oliver Holdup, Emily had spent the weeks leading up to the event in organising the prefect team, the music and social aspects of the evening – ‘an inspiration to her peers’ as one student said.


Having students DJ the disco themselves was a popular idea, so the night went off really well - a successful coming together of the whole Sixth Form.


The fundraising activities were not yet over, however. On the following Monday we held the Annual Auction of Sixth Formers. This is where our Sixth Formers auction themselves off to younger students, offering to perform a range of services for the winning bidders. Items successfully ‘sold’ included ‘A Slave for a Day’, ‘McDonalds Lunchtime Run’, ‘Buy Sweets From Ashley Way’ and ‘Have Your Nails Done’. A special ‘thank you’ goes to Arbi who was bid £46 to allow himself to be dressed up for a day.