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Super Friday 1: Sixth Form Charity Day

25th November 2015

The Prefect team ran its first major Charity Day of the year on Friday 13 November. Funds were raised to support a local charity called ‘AIMS’, which is based in Dawlish.

AIMS’ aims are to assist and support families with children that have special needs. They provide an area for the parents to relax and chat, whilst the specialist staff take the children to play, and help them to communicate through various forms of media, especially music. The charity provides well needed respite for those who struggle with family life. They also provide the children with days out, for example taking them to the Santa Express Steam Train which runs between Paignton and Dartmouth.

The prefects chose this charity as it has a much more personal connection to the school - AIMS is currently assisting the family of one of our members of Sixth Form. This meant that with each pound and penny we received, we knew we were helping the family of one of our friends, making a noticeable and emotional change.

The Charity Day took the from of a Superhero themed non-school uniform day. The Trinity community did not disappoint in its support for the cause, turning out in an array of outrageous costumes ranging from Batman, to Superman, to the Gingerbread Man and The Joker. The day began with a whole-school assembly, then at break there was a Cake Sale in the MD courtyard offering homemade cakes brought in by the prefects and freshly made hot chocolate. This was extremely successful, turning over a great profit!