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Students enjoy full programme of activities in National Science Week

25th March 2015

British Science Week was enthusiastically embraced by Trinity students. Our Science Department staff laid on a wide range of activities for students to take part in, including demonstrations, competitions, and various scientific challenges.  




  • Monday saw a small number of Year 10,11 and 12 Biologists attending a “World in Miniature” workshop at Plymouth University Electron Microscopy Unit
  • Thursday was the day of the “Explain That” Science competition. This was a great success, and ran throughout the day, involving a range of fun science demonstrations, with the challenge being to explain the science behind what you see. The competition was enjoyed by students from both Prep and Senior Departments, including 6th Formers. They were particularly amazed by the flames dancing to the beat of music, along with other popular experiments which included the fountain in a bottle, the pin hole cameras and tricking our senses with hands in hot, iced and tepid water  
  • Friday was dominated by the solar eclipse, and a series of related exercises. A special live streaming camera was set up in school, to transmit live images of the eclipse, as it actually happened, to all school computers. This was very much appreciated by students, even though on the day we were blessed with just the right amount of veiled cloud cover to make it possible to view the eclipse more directly. Many students and staff were able to take photographs of this rare event, and other used pinhole cameras to make viewing more comfortable. There was also a link to clips of Professor Brian Cox talking about the eclipse from shows which had been broadcast the previous two evenings. A sun spot was also visible during the eclipse when viewed with a telescope, as pointed out by Professor Cox in the Stargazing Live show that many of our students were watching.
  • Friday also saw a Key Stage 3 Science trip to Plymouth Marine Aquarium where students enjoyed workshops on Marine Energy and Conservation.




The prizes for the best explanations in the 'Explain That' competition were awarded to the following students: 

Key Stage 2 - Inge Watkins, Esme O’Friel, Amy Watkins, and Rosa Porter

Key Stage 3 - Tayla Hayes and Holly Robinson 

Key Stage 4 - Abi Smith and Matt Chapel 

Key Stage 5 - Jess Holding 

Staff - Mrs Swift