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Speaking Successes

27th March 2014

A large team of children from Reception to Year 6, visited Exeter to take part in the annual Devon Performing Arts Festival, where they were entered into the Set Verse and Reading competitions for their age groups. 

The festival offers young people a great opportunity both to perform to a discerning audience and to receive invaluable, expert advice from adjudicators who are specialist performers as well as highly-regarded judges.
Several pupils came away with top prizes. Nathaniel Mazer, Blake Jeffery, Evie Lewis, Harry Waggett, Holly Robinson, Connor Fitzpatrick and Louis Clark all won their Set Poem classes or their relevant Reading classes.  Special mention must go to Blake Jeffery and Louis Clark who both won Honours in their classes, the highest level anyone can win at a competition like this.  The adjudicator couldn’t split the 4 year old class and so Gracie Blake, Logan Jeffery and Thomas Robinson all won medals! 
Rachel Eaton-Jones, Head of Trinity School Prep department explained why the school attaches so much importance to festivals such as this. ‘Our main aim is to encourage our children to stand up and speak well in front of an audience, as it is a skill that they will all need in later life to a greater or lesser degree and we find that these occasions are great for boosting their confidence,’ she said.
‘I was so proud of each and every one of them,’ she added.  ‘There were pupils taking part who I would never have believed would have done it a year ago and not only did they do it, they did it very well. We are now looking forward to continued success at the Torbay and South West of England Festival in May.’