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Science House Challenge: still close with one round to go

27th November 2014

During a busy week for inter-house competition in Senior Department, which has seen keen contests in Table Tennis, Rugby and Netball, competition remains fierce in the school’s newest event, the Science House Challenge. In a departure from the usual age-based nature of inter-house sport, the Science Challenge rules state that house teams must be formed vertically, and must include at least one person from each of Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

The Challenge is made up of 4 rounds, one in each of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, then a final Quiz round.  The Biology challenges included the identification of a mystery microscopic object,  building a skeleton based on x-ray images,  and assembling a model of human body. The Physics task was to build a bridge using least materials possible.

With the Biology and Physics rounds already completed earlier in the term, Tuesday of this week was time for the Chemistry round.  There was a Bucky Ball challenge (which required contestants to build a molecular model), a Chemical Timer activity, and growing a crystal.

The Bucky Ball test proved a challenge too far for most, although Luscombe did come close. They also came more than close with their Chemical Timer, nailing 100 seconds exactly. All this earned them first position, with Ugbrooke second and Powderham third.  Word has it that for Powderham the clock was ticking but their brains were not!

The points as they now stand are shown below, and it’s clear that any one of the 3 houses could still win.

Luscombe:          1st with 33 points

Ugbrooke:          2nd with 27 points

Powderham:      3rd with 26 points

The final Quiz round will take place on Thursday, 4 December.