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Science Buskers roadshow at Teignmouth Pavilions

23rd March 2017

What an amazing event to mark the end of British Science Week! Hundreds of young people, their families, their friends and passers-by turned up to witness the latest science demonstration from our talented team of Science Buskers.

The Pavilions ‘gig’ was one of a series roadshows which has seen the Buskers taking their demonstrations to other schools as well as a street display in the centre Teignmouth, their aim being to stimulate interest in the world of science. Led and inspired by Mr Darrel Jones, supported by Mr Joost Van Es and Mrs Julie Bryant with her Psychology Club, the Buskers are made up of pupils from Years 4 to 13 whose aim is to share their enthusiasm for Science and Psychology with other young people aged 6 to 14 in school and the wider community.


They entertain and engage visitors with a range of simple, safe and fun activities. The demonstrations include gravity-defying magnets, the mysteries of lava lamps and a whole series of other exciting, fun and educational activities that young people can take part in.