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Science Buskers out and about in Teignmouth

22nd March 2017

The Trinity Science Buskers were out in force in Teignmouth at the start of British Science Week, as they pitched their busking stall and set up science demonstrations in the Triangle in the centre of town. It has been the most ambitious Science Week ever for our Science Faculty, but it is clear that Mr Jones’ idea to take science into the community has been a huge success.

The Science Buskers were formed in September and have been learning how to do a range of experiments and understanding the science behind them. The project has brought together students from Year 4 through to the Upper Sixth who have all worked together seamlessly, with humour and respect for each other’s talents. Being buskers, one of their big challenges was learning how to work with the general public and being able to engage with them whilst doing their experiments. This project has developed so many skills in the young people involved with it.


None of this could have happened without the boundless enthusiasm of the staff involved, and our thanks go to Mr Jones, Mr Van Es, Dr Trimming, Mrs Bryant and Mrs Davis. The busking project has taken a great deal of time and commitment on top of their main roles in school and all their effort is genuinely appreciated by students, staff and the wider community. Mr Jones and the student team’s efforts were acknowledged with the awarding of a gift of a dry ice pack, for use in future displays.