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Rising to the challenge – Trinity Heart Beat Saving a Life

20th October 2016

The Trinity community stepped up to an awesome challenge laid down by the school’s Medical Centre team. Working in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation, every student in the Senior Department and Prep 6 was trained up in basic resuscitation. The project was called Trinity Heart Beat, and included the personal stories of staff, recalling real-life incidents they had experienced, and reminding us of the importance of these skills. 

The students undertook a training session centred around a simple CPR course, practising extensively on a bank of over 30 'Call Push Rescue' manikins kindly supplied by the British Heart Foundation. 


The training was a demanding experience for the pupils on a number of levels. For the younger students the physical process was particularly hard and they showed great resilience to keep trying and refining their technique.  For the older ones, there were poignant reminders as the personal stories of cardiac incidents affecting two members of staff brought home the fact that cardiac arrests are not something we just see on television. The students also learned about the school’s defibrillator and its importance in helping saving a life.

Challenging though the programme was, it was fantastic to see our students respond with such whole-hearted commitment thoughout the day. The range of excellent questions asked reflected the seriousness with which they approached the subject and there is no doubt that the event will have given our students the confidence to be able to respond to a real life or death situation.

Huge thanks needs to go to Mrs Birt and Mrs Dilke School Nurses) and Mrs Jones (Science Technician), who led the majority of the training sessions, ensuring the training was of the high standard expected by the British Heart Foundation.

Supporting activities organised by Year 10 also included: Red-themed Mufti day, which was taken up by the vast majority of the school; the Fastest Healthy Pizza Sale in History event, the pizzas having been donated and cooked by Year 10;  and Heart Art - a giant heart, which was drawn on the floor of the MD quad and filled with coins donated by students and their families.

It was a remarkable day seeing our students rising to the challenge, shouldering the responsibility which comes with such training and knowledge, as well as supporting their peers in Trinity’s first major charity project of the year.