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Revd Jonathon launches ‘Real Easter’ chocolate egg giveaway

6th March 2015

Our School Chaplain, Revd Jonathon is planning on giving away 12 of ‘The Real Easter Eggs’ by the end of this Lent term. He says, “The Easter story is a surprising good news story! It tells us about a God who does unexpected things. Life transforming things we’d never have imagined in our wildest dreams, like bringing Jesus back to life. We eat chocolate eggs at Easter because they symbolise new life and hope – the very message of Easter for all of us today.’

During the last week of this term Revd Jonathon shall be awarding 12 of ‘The Real Easter Eggs’ to any pupil or member of staff who has shown a surprising act of kindness or generosity. ‘It could be anything,’ said Revd Jonathon, ‘the possibilities are limitless! What might we be able to say or do to show God’s surprising love to others - the very point of Easter?”

The Real Easter Egg is an interesting idea. According to their website,  (  ) ‘out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year in the UK, The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter. We also give a sizeable donation from profits and Fairtrade Premium fees, to our farmers allowing them to invest in their community buying everything from school books and solar panels to providing fresh water. The Real Easter Egg is now in its fourth year of production with more than 400,000 sold so far.’