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Pupils impress at Green Car Challenge event

25th June 2018

This year’s Green Car Challenge event saw Trinity School enter two cars in the final competition last Thursday, and pupils impressed with their determination and commitment shown at the event throughout the year.

This year’s challenge, which saw pupils fundraise, design and build their own battery powered racecar over the year culminating in a distance race event, marks the second year in a row that Trinity have entered the competition. Two Trinity cars were entered in the final event at Predannack Airfield, Cornwall.

The Green Car Challenge is run by Greenpower, who aim to encourage young people to get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and to promote green technology. The challenge is for each team to race their electric car for 90 minutes around a one-mile track, with the winner being the car to travel the furthest distance in that time. There has to be at least three drivers from each team and there are two races during the day.

Trinity’s two cars, Neon Racer and Granulox Racer both passed a strict scrutineering process on the day, which a major achievement in itself as most cars do not make it through this to race. The cars impressed with their performances, with Neon Racer at one point reaching 5th position out of 35 after 40 minutes of racing. 

Compared to the event last year, Predannack Airfield has a significant incline section contrary to expectations and advice, which lead into some really strong headwinds up on a plateau. Both cars had been geared to race on the flat based on experiences at the event at Newquay Airport last year, and rather than give an advantage this drained the batteries faster.

Changing the gearing system mid-race was not possible due to time available, but the teams know they have two very good racing cars which can perform with the correct gearing on any course.

The teams fundraised for the parts through a variety of means during the year, most notably with the sponsored cycle at Torbay VeloPark. Building the cars would also not have been possible without the support of sponsors from the Trinity community; Granulox, Bettesworths, Beverley Holidays and Zip Construction.


Construction took place during Green Car Challenge club which was again one of Trinity’s most popular clubs this year and interest is high for next year’s challenge.