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Progress at Trinity Sixth Form Rated 'Well Above Average'

18th February 2019

Trinity were delighted to receive the data from the DfE regarding progress of pupils from KS4 to KS5, which is essentially value added. Whilst the number of 0.36 may mean little, the fact that we are considered well above average compared to all other schools and colleges in the country is of much more significance. This also places us 5th in Devon out of all schools.

This comes after the fantastic A level results in the past two summers with 50% being A*/A or equivalent. The regular tracking, intervention and support that goes on throughout the Prep and Senior department means that we can support students when they are flying high as well as when they lose momentum. The DfE information is testimony that our approach works and that you will do as well, if not better, here as anywhere else. A statement that is not news for us!