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Prep 6 and Year 7 join forces for fun Christmas Party

18th December 2015

Prep 6 and Year 7 held their Christmas party in the Red Library. It was organised by Year 10 students as part of their COPE course which, when completed, will be the equivalent of a Grade B at GCSE. It focuses on the development of transferable skills that can be used once pupils leave school and start work.

The Hat Competition was first to be judged. The Year 10’s had visited the Prep Department earlier in the week to help in the making of these, although by looking at their glitter-covered uniforms at the end I think they had a lot to learn from Prep 6.


The pupils next played a variety of games and then the real entertainment started. A game of musical statues saw a huge array of interesting dance moves, especially from the boys although Evie, Starr and Freya were definite dancing divas! The highlight of the afternoon was the Christmas Karaoke – I am not sure we have any Aled Jones’ amongst the boys or in fact any who could actually sing in tune or perhaps even together! Everyone certainly had fun joining in.


I had a great afternoon and another opportunity to get to know many of the students who will be coming up to Year 7 next year. Have a happy Christmas from all in Key Stage 3. Mrs Davies