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Prep 2 at Powderham Castle

10th November 2015

Prep 2 dressed up as Victorian serving children and undertook duties at Powderham Castle. Under the direction of the housekeeper, Miss Croom, they polished tables and wooden wall panelling, beat carpets, scrubbed stone floors, polished boots, did the ironing and made paper twists. In the kitchen they made griddle cakes with Cook, scrubbed the table, swept the floor and ground coffee.

This work was overseen by the Lady of the House, the Countess of Devon who came into the servants quarters to meet the new recruits and answer any questions that they had about life in the castle. All of the children embraced the expectation that “servants should be seen and not heard” and worked exceptionally hard at each and every job. They all received a certificate confirming that they carried out servant duties at Powderham Castle and should they desire, would be suitable for such a position in the Earl of Devon’s Victorian household. KM