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21st October 2014

6th form students from the school’s English Society organised a ‘Teacher versus  Student’ Poetry Slam Competition in celebration of National Poetry Day.  The epic battle took place at lunchtime in, where else, but the highly atmospheric setting of the Red Library. 

It was an enormous success with over fifteen students and teachers competing in an exceptionally challenging, but greatly comical contest.

Contestants recited a diverse collection of poems on the theme of ‘School Life’, many of them written by thw participants themselves. Topics ranged from tedious school days (surely not??), nagging teachers, and school dinners, all the way through to poems centred on diggers, creating a highly humorous and slightly bizarre atmosphere.

In the ultimate round, a nail-biting aura filled the room. Cullan Smith, Ben Clark, Mr Jones and Tristan Whipps all took to the stage in an attempt to win the title of ‘Poetry Slam Champion’. The opponents were then forced to instinctively create a line, which had to rhyme with the originating line; an incredibly harsh and tricky task.

Tristan Whipps, an A level English student, was triumphant overall, winning with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Prizes also went to the other finalists, Cullan and Ben, with Mr Jones achieving a deserved bottle of wine as the best staff contributor.

A massive thank you to the many students and staff who got involved and helped with the event, as well as all those who came along and supported what turned out to be a thriving competition! Liv Weight.

(To find out more about how we take learning beyond the classroom at Trinity, why not come to our Open Morning on Saturday 11 October, from 10..00 to 12.00?)