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Out and about with English!

3rd April 2014

Learning Outside the Classroom is an exciting educational initiative and one which lends itself to certain subjects and certain Key Stages more than others. We often see Nursery children enjoying the beautiful grounds at Trinity and learning about nature or colours, and Prep have their very popular Forest school. Perhaps there is not such an obvious link between using the school site and enhancing KS4’s understanding of GCSE literature. Thanks to the innovative ideas in the Senior English department Year 10 enjoyed a Friday afternoon English lesson on Mice and Men by trying to find quotations that may help them in their GCSE coursework around the school site and then analysing them together.  Last week, Year 11 enjoyed a similar experience when they tried to find examples of a variety of punctuation being used around school.  They were even able to find a few incorrect uses which they immediately put right of course!