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One day before Election Day - the excitement mounts!

11th May 2015

With only one day to go before the big event, the party leaders and their supporters are extremely busy with last-minute canvassing of the electorate, as they try for one last time to persuade voters to turn out and vote for their party in tomorrow’s big poll.

The ‘big poll’ we are talking about is, of course, the massively important Trinity Election. It is a project that has been co-ordinated by Mrs Giulietta Swift, Head of ICT and Assistant Head of Key Stage 3.

Mrs Swift explained that Key Stage 3 pupils have been meeting in vertical tutor groups, with each group forming its own political party and electing a leader. So we now have 3 new political parties, the Vision party, the Transform party and the Progress party, led by Beth Riley, Annie Bates and Nick Kumik respectively.  Each party has decided on 3 policies that matter to them and compiled them into mini manifestos, which have been appearing on the posters around school in the past few weeks.  Alongside all this pupils have been learning about the British electoral system.

It has been a unique learning experience for the whole student body, but for the party leaders it has been a tough and sometimes nerve-wracking challenge. They have been making speeches in special assemblies, in some cases aided by their supporters,  with the aim of trying to persuade the electorate (all pupils from Key Stages 2 up to 5) to vote for them in Thursday’s poll.

The votes will be counted Thursday after 4pm and the winning party announced on Friday morning.



Winners - ‘Transform’ led by Annie Bates with 85 votes (41%)

2nd place - 'Vision' led by Beth Riley with 71 votes (34%)

3rd place - 'Progress' led by Nick Kumik with 53 votes (25%)

Congratulations to all those in Transform, and thank you to all pupils who worked hard to make the process work and to those who voted.

307 pupils from Year 3 to 13 were eligible to vote

213 pupils did use their vote (69%)

Of these, 4 pupils ‘spoiled’ their vote

94 pupils didn’t use their vote (31%)

Thanks to Mrs Swift and her team - a great experience for all our pupils!