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Numerous First Prizes for Trinity students in Arts competition

20th April 2015

We recently hosted the SW regional conference of the Independent Schools Association.  In common with previous years, a student Art competition was organised to run alongside the day’s events.

It was an impressive display of student work from many schools, and included material in several categories, including 2D Art (painting and drawing), 3D Art (which included soft sculpture, ceramics, wood, plastic and metal), Textiles and Needlework, Sketchbook, and Drawing.  

Trinity students have often performed  well in the competition in the past, but this year’s haul of prizes was particularly impressive, with 9 of our students being awarded first prizes by the team of judges. Special mention must be made of the work of 6th Former Will Smale, whose sketchbook piece ‘Structures’ was judged to be best in the category, as was his ‘Blue Painting’ in the 2D Art section. His work was particularly highly regarded by Art teachers visiting from other schools.

Here is the list of Trinity winners:

2D Art

Key Stage 1: Michael Holt for ‘Movement’

Key Stage 2 Group Prize for ‘Forest Art’

Key Stage 3: Anna O’Farrell for ‘Bike Spokes’

Key Stage 4: Laurel Watts for ‘Musical Instruments’

Key Stage 5: Will Smale for ‘Blue Painting’, featured in headline above


3D Art

Key Stage 1 Group Prize  for ‘Easter’

Key Stage 4: Sophie Riley for ‘Buildings’

Key Stage 5: Octavia Bon de Sousa Pernes for ‘Eiffel Tower’ 



Textiles and Needlework

Key Stage 3: Amity Carr for her Graffiti Waistcoat       


Keys Stages 3 to 5: 1st Will Smale for ‘Structures’ 


Key Stage 5: 1st Lucy MacLeod for ‘The Pond’ 


Key Stage 3: 1st Harry Hingston for ‘Eyes’