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Moving words from Will in special assemblies on diversity and acceptance

16th March 2015

“Embrace diversity, it makes the world a wonderful place.”

These words were recently written by Will Collinson in Year 10 for a series of special assemblies on disability and acceptance.  He goes onto to say, “Disabled people can teach non- disabled people many things and particularly about acceptance and tolerance. We are all human beings. Disability isn’t the enemy, it’s a friend and none of our differences set us aside from you. Everyone leaves a footprint, where ever they go, disabled people are no different and they too have the ability to inspire. I am deaf, I am proud of it. Does my deafness define who I am?”

Profound and moving words that were included in a series of special assemblies led by Reverend Jonathon and Mrs Harman to the Prep and Senior Departments of the school last week. Reverend Jonathon says, “In conversation with Mrs Harman, who is Will’s Inclusion worker, we came to realise how diverse the school community is here at Trinity and we thought it would be helpful to focus on this a bit during chapel and assembly time. Over the last few weeks we have worked together to put together a presentation that we hope will enable the pupils to see difference and the uniqueness of people as something to be celebrated and indeed - as Will puts it - embraced. We all have abilities and for many dis-abilities. Part of the challenge and invitation of a diverse community is to see ‘the other’ as God sees them, with unconditional love and acceptance. This is not always easy or our first natural feeling but in this season of Lent - when the Christian faith asks us to look within ourselves to see what might need changing - may we look at those around us not just with tolerance or renewed understanding but with an expectation that we can truly learn from each other.”