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Motte and Bailey Castles, by Year 7

11th January 2017

It's always one of the highlights of the school year for our Year 7 History students: the study of Medieval Realms, and more specifically the opportunity to construct castles, edible or otherwise.


The students have been considering how William I was able to control his new country after the conquest of 1066.  As part of this they have researched the use of castles in local areas, with reference to the Norman Motte and Bailey Castle. Over the Christmas Holidays they were asked to research these particular castles and then produce a model, picture, or written account to present their findings.




As a result we had some fantastic models in materials ranging from wood, paper-mache and cardboard to astro-turf and lego. We even had some edible castles, proving that Curly Wurlies and Chocolate Fingers can make excellent medieval ladders and palisades.


Mrs Entwistle, as Head of Humanities, had the unenviable task of judging the work but everyone must be applauded for their effort and enthusiasm. The pictures, diagrams and leaflets were very creative and informative.


We particularly enjoyed this study of Motte and Bailey castles when we all got to eat some of them! Year 7 were, as ever, a credit and a joy to teach this topic to, really excelling in this task. Please feel free to admire their efforts which are on display in T2 History Room. Sarah Evans