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M-C Bell’s 200 Mile Ski Challenge

25th January 2016

Sixth Former Marie-Clair Bell, known to us all as 'M-C', has chosen a novel way to raise funds for 2 international charities that the school supports. She decided to dedicate her recent ski holiday in Italy to the goal of covering 200 miles of downhill in 10 consecutive days. Her aim was to use the achievement to raise money and awareness to support charities that work with people in deprived communities in South Africa.

To achieve her goal required considerable dedication, determination and tenacity. She was up most mornings at 7am to do 1 1/2 hours of homework before she took to the slopes, sometimes on her own, to make sure she got her daily mileage in. As her father Dennis Bell explains, ‘M-C often skied through lunch time, and almost every day continued skiing when most of our party came off the mountain. The icy snow conditions added to the challenge, with quite a lot of people getting injured or having bad falls, including myself. When I was skiing with M-C on her last day, just 5 miles short of her 200 mile target,  I fell and broke a couple of ribs. An exhausted M-C managed to get me off the mountain before continuing on her own to complete 200.1 miles in total. Her mum  Tracie and myself are so proud of M-C and her amazing achievement, and hope that this will be the start of her being involved with helping others as she grows up’.


Head of Trinity Sixth Form, Mr Mark Acher, was equally impressed. ‘Completing this challenge puts M-C up there with the heroes of Telemark! She is a young lady who surprises and delivers again and again. The money raised go towards Huckleberry Foundation and The Calabash Trust, two charities that work in deprived areas of South Africa, and that students at Trinity School have been supporting for a number of years. M-C’s target is to raise £500, a sum that will make a real difference in the townships.’


 The photos include a snap of M-S's ski app at the end of day 3 showing that she covered 20.7 miles that day and that her top speed was 59.4 mph; M-C sleeping after skiing her 200 miles; M-C eating when she was too tired to come to the restaurant for dinner on day 10 - she soon fell back asleep until the following morning; some of the ski party who accompanied M-C in her challenge