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Luscombe storm ahead in Space Race Quiz to clinch Science House Challenge

15th December 2014

In the final round of the Science House Challenge, teams from our three houses came together to pit their wits against one another in a Science Quiz. It was fantastic to see all the regular team members from previous rounds being joined by a number of new faces. Well done, first of all, to Powderham, who after a mad scramble finally managed to pull together a last-minute team, and disaster was averted.

The first round was a 36 question Space Race Quiz, where we quickly saw the Yellow rocket surge ahead, and stay ahead, to get Luscombe off to an early lead.  Ben let everyone know who won just in case they weren’t following the rockets on the screen!  Meanwhile in room P2 it was three 20-question Bounce Quizzes on good old ‘echalk’, and apart from a few grumbles from Alex e.g. ‘’I cant see!” , and “Ugbrooke have got more than 6 in their team”, all went smoothly.

Then it was the final Breaking Bad challenge: Use the Periodic Table to make as many words as possible using Element symbols. We were presented with words such as:

Ag N O S Ti C

S In Ga P O Re

After some furious marking, the final scores were revealed for the Quiz round:  Luscombe 1st, Ugbrooke 2nd, and Powderham’s scratch team came - wait for it - 3rd!

That left the overall results looking like this

Luscombe 1st with 48 points

Ugbrooke 2nd with 37 points

Powderham 3rd with 31 points

Can I thank all who took part, helped out or simply came along for the free biscuits. Hopefully we’ll see some of you again next year, so get swotting! Bye for now…    Mr Jones