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Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils enjoy a packed programme on Life Skills Day

28th October 2015

Key Stage 2 pupils worked in pairs to write a weekly shopping list for a particular type of family. This ranged from Family ‘A’ - an elderly couple with two cats, who only have their pension to live on, through to Family ‘G’ - three young men who work, share a house, share the bills, and who like to hold parties at the weekends in their house.

Having written their shopping lists, the children used the Tesco online shopping site to get prices for the products they wanted. Conversations overheard included, “Look – it’s two for the price of one,” and “We’re not paying that; look, there’s one much cheaper! Oh, but that’s a smaller size. OK the first one’s actually quite good value then.”

Having looked at the completed shopping lists, several points are clear. Dogs and cats will never starve; mums get to drink wine at weekends (while dads can apparently have steak and beer); and male students live on pizza and will never run out of hair gel!

Meanwhile the children in Key Stage 1 also had a fabulous day. ‘On a trip to Waitrose, they learned about healthy eating choices and explored ‘behind the scenes’ to see how a large supermarket is run; how food is stored and transported, etc. They loved going into the giant freezers! They also had a chance to try some unusual fruit. Later the children learned how to make bread. They were brilliant at following instructions to make and knead the dough. They selected flavourings for their bread such as cheese and herbs, as well as discussing why brown flour is good for us because it contains fibre. The result of their effort was evident in the amazing bread that they made. In the afternoon they got to taste all the different types of bread, and express opinions about them.

I’m not sure how they found the time, but the children also managed to plant herb seeds in the outdoor play area, and have a swim! Well done to all the children taking part, who behave beautifully whilst off-site as well as on.’ HC