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Inter-House Science Challenge presents students with a Nepal farming problem

5th December 2016

This year’s Science Challenge saw students facing a real-life problem actually faced day-to-day by farmers in Nepal. The farmers grow crops on land high in the mountains but need to sell their produce in markets in the valleys, a dangerous three hour trek below.

‘The Squashed Tomato Challenge’ was taken up by teams of students from Years 5 to 13, and involved them in designing a system to transport ripe cherry tomatoes from the dizzying heights of the top Science balcony to the Science quad below. Each House team had to plan, design and trial a system using a variety of low tech approaches using pulleys, string, guttering, water and buckets.


‘It was great to see our Prep students from Years 5 and 6 bringing their enthusiasm and ideas to their teams,’ said Mr Darrel Jones, Director of Learning for the Science Faculty. ‘Students of all ages engaged in the task, working cooperatively together to solve the challenge’ he added.

The winning team was the one judged to have transported the greatest number of undamaged tomatoes in the five minutes allotted time and in the most innovative manner.

After the final event on Thursday last week the result was very close with Ugbrooke sneaking victory by 2 points from Luscombe, with Powderham in third place.