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Inspiring Young Minds at Science Impact Day

20th March 2019

Trinity Year 6 students were joined by students from local primary schools for an exciting day of Science and Psychology in the Senior Department last week.

The students were split into four groups named after key women scientists; Marie Curie, Donna Strickland, Rosalind Franklin and Jocelyn Bell-Burnell. The students in each group were tasked with finding out some facts about these amazing women’s contributions to the scientific world during the day.

Each group took part in a fun packed programme of activities which included Rocket Science with Dr Trimming where students were designing, testing and racing balloon rockets, alka seltzer powered rockets and making a balloon powered hovercraft from recycled CD’s and drink bottle tops. Mr van Es ran a Science Challenge session with a spaghetti and marshmallow tower building competition, mystery microscope objects and a build a body and X-ray skeleton challenge.

Mrs Bryant ran a Psychology session with a variety of mind bending activities to explore the mysterious workings of the brain. Finally, Mr Jones and the Senior Department Science Buskers ran workshops on a variety of engaging science topics such as sound, buoyancy, colour and bubbles. This involved building kaleidoscopes, Cartesian divers, balloon bag pipes and lots of other fun activities.

All students met at the end of the day in the Salle for dry ice demonstrations and presentations of certificates for winning teams and one of our much sought after Trinity School Science Busker keyrings kindly cut on the laser cutter by Mr Donaldson. Then it was into the Refectory for an amazing Science themed tea complete with dry ice fruit cocktails, an edible DNA molecule, petri dishes of jelly complete with hundreds and thousands of bacteria! Not to mention the Periodic Table shortbreads and edible Lab rats complete with cage! The Catering Department certainly enjoyed themselves with this one.

All in all it was a fun packed day of learning for all who attended.