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Innovative Young Enterprise students showcase products at Taunton fair

13th March 2015

A team of Sixth Formers has been working on a new business idea to make candles, candleholders and related products using recycled materials. Last weekend they travelled to Taunton to take part in a Young Enterprise outdoor trade fair, joining several teams from other schools and colleges around the region, as they took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their products to a wider audience.

As team mentor, and Head of Business, Mr Mike Milne, explained, ‘It’s a novel idea that the students are trying to develop. They have been producing the candles by using recycled wax from old candles, with the candle-holders being made from recycled tin cans or recycled shot glasses. It means the raw materials costs are virtually zero, a most unusual situation for a manufacturing business.

The team managed to sell a healthy number of products on the day, but as Mr Milne pointed out, the main aim of this year’s team was not necessarily to generate revenue, ‘as much as anything else it was about developing the students’ customer service skills and team-building, and raising awareness of important environmental issues,’ he added.  ‘The team worked well together as they took on specialist responsibilities within the group, such as marketing, production and finance. They learned a lot from their Taunton experience, and took on board the comments made by the panel, which was drawn from big business such as Asda, and the Mayor of Taunton. The team are eagerly looking forward to the next selling opportunity.’