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Impressive array of prizes in regional ISA Art Competition

23rd March 2017

There was a great turnout at the South West ISA Art Competition, hosted by Trinity, with 12 different schools from across the South West bringing their very best pieces of art to compete against each other. Trinity traditionally does particularly well in this event…. and this year was no exception!


Overall we achieved a very impressive 17 awards! (Pictures to follow soon)

7 awards for First place

7 awards for Second place

and 3 awards for Highly Commended


Key Stage 3:

KS3 Textiles.         1st Place        Grace Vans Colina for ‘Graffiti Waistcoat'

KS3 3D individual  2nd place       Mya Finn for 'Ceramic Harbour'


Key Stage 4:

KS4 2D Individual   2nd place               Shiqi Bishop for 'Cubism Painting'

KS4 3D Individual   2nd place               Anna O'Farrell for 'Peppers'

                             Highly Commended Annie Bates for 'Cubist Sculpturs' 

KS4 Drawing           2nd place               Holly Williams for 'Horses'

KS4 sketchbook       2nd place               Annie Bates for 'Cubism Sketchbook'

Key Stage 5:




KS5 3D Individual

1st Place 

Helen Fang  for ‘Shell Bowls’


2nd Place

Demi Tse for ‘Ceramic Pouches’


Highly Commended

Henry Keate for ‘Ceramic Waves’

KS5 2D Individual

1st Place 

Hayden Tang  for ‘My Father’s Studio’


Highly Commended

Christy for ‘Gherkin Painting’

KS5 Fashion

2nd Place

Demi Tse for ‘Bare Trees Jacket’

KS5 Photography

1st Place

Demi Tse for ‘Isolation Photographs’

KS5 Sketchbook

1st Place

Esther Li for ‘Structures Sketchbook’


A massive ‘Well done’ to everyone who submitted work and ‘Congratulations!’ to the winners!