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Holy Trinity lesson for Year 1 by Year 9

30th November 2018

As part of Year 9’s Religious Studies work on the Holy Trinity, the pupils prepared and delivered a lesson on the topic for Year 1 who visited the Senior School yesterday afternoon.

The lesson saw Year 9 pupils put their knowledge to the test by coming up with their own lesson plan. Activities included a question and answer session, triangle diagrams to explain the three points, a drama scene based on the work of Jesus, and a song written by Rosie and performed by the whole class – complete with actions!

Some interesting and insightful questions from Year 1 kept Year 9 on their toes, including “Why did God create the world?” and “How did Jesus grow up?”

It was a huge success thanks to the hard work of Year 9 and the effort of Year 1. The class was another example of the whole school approach in action, with Year 1 learning from their role models and Year 9 developing a greater understanding of their subject by planning and preparing a full lesson.