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Headmaster braves Ice Bucket Challenge to take charity fund raising past £1000

14th November 2014

In an amazing 2 days of charity fund-raising, Trinity has raised over £1000, a phenomenal achievement for a school of our size. Cake Sales, an Auction of Prefects, a boarders’ party, a Spooky Friday non-uniform day, and a Fright Night 6th form disco, all preceded the main event: a multiple Ice Bucket Challenge.

Students were set targets. £100 collected would see the soakings of Head Boy and Head Girl, Callum Reade and Ellie Fowler; £200 would mean a very cold shower for Head of Sixth Form, Mr Acher;  to put Deputy Head, Mr Coen, on the bucket list would cost £300, and the price for an icy dowsing of the Headmaster, Mr Waters, was set at £400.

With such a demanding target, Mr Waters could have been forgiven for believing he was going to escape the chilly challenge.  Trinity students (and staff!) thought differently, and were able to raise £438 through a bucket collection. This meant that all 5 of the ‘volunteers’ on the execution list each received an icing, as the 10 buckets of cash were exchanged for 10 buckets of ice and water.

Whilst the Headmaster must be applauded for having the decency to maintain dress code and turn up for the soaking in his suit, as must Mr Acher for appearing the most cheerful as he faced execution, Mr Coen should be acknowledged as the victim who put on the bravest face for longest, even if the brave face did not last at all long.

The proceeds will be donated to Crisis, a UK national charity for single homeless people; and Calabash Trust, a charity that supports projects among underprivileged communities in the Port Elizabeth area of South Africa, and which has been regularly supported by the school in recent years. 

As a shivering Mr Waters headed indoors for a change of suit and a welcome cup of tea, he said he was delighted with the school’s effort. ‘I would like to thank pupils and staff for their kind generosity in forcing me go through this. I am especially grateful to Callum and Ellie for being the first to take a soaking, and to Mr Acher and sixth former Mel Hornsby for making it all happen. And well done to the pupils for the magnificent total of £1000 raised.’