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Harvest Appeal HITS Target

20th October 2016

'What a real pleasure it was to visit your school this morning. Our grateful thanks for the kindness and generosity of the donations from your young people (and parents) and the staff at the school,' writes Mr John Lockwood, Food Bank Manager at local charity Homeless In Teignmouth Support (HITS).


HITS is our chosen charity for this year's harvest appeal and works with homeless people and others in crisis and need in our local community, throughout Teignbridge and in more rural areas. Pupils, staff and their familes donated items suitable for the local food bank run by Mr Lockwood. 


'As you know,' he continued in his letter to the school, 'the need is all year round, but at time of harvest it is important to give thanks for God's goodness to us and it gives us a special opportunity to help those whose circumstances are very difficult.


That will include families where the wage earner has lost a job or is very sick and there is a delay while benefits take effect, or there has been a family break-up, or young people who are no longer able to live at home, as well as those who are homeless (even if temporarily).


You may like to know that the total weight of your harvest donations was 167.00 kilograms.


Again, thanks to you all, it is very much appreciated.'


HITS have a very good website