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Going the Extra Mile for The Green Car Challenge

20th April 2017

We recently had another example of a student and a member of staff going beyond the call of duty. The Design and Technology Department launched the Green Car Challenge in the Autumn and this has inspired students across the school to get involved.

One of their goals was to design, develop and raise funds for their racing team - a little bit like an F1 race team!  and this has brought challenges in the workshop and behind the scenes. Harry Hingston, team member and seriously inspired by the project, decided to try and raise funds not through a business model but through personal sacrifice. When Mr Larkman heard what Harry proposed he signed up too! Between them they raised over £300 for the project.


The team are bringing their design together at the moment ready for the race on 22nd June at Newquay Airport. Each race is 90 minutes and sees teams having to make battery changes in pit stops to keep their electric motor purring!

Trinity is entering two teams in this our first year of the challenge.  More news to follow! 

Could You Help?

The team have set the challenge to try and fund their own race team - would you be able to help or support them? We know there is a diverse range of skills and businesses in our wider community of parents and friends. The team would love to develop the business side of their project. Support can come in many forms as their are plenty of challenges ahead - investment, transport to races, testing space, elements of the car and kit for the drivers and the team.

If you would like more information contact Mr Donaldson or Mr Acher. or