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Girls Boarding get ready for Christmas

10th December 2014

What a busy term it has been in Girls’ Boarding!  For the 27 girls from six different countries, aged 12 to 18, academic studies and daily ‘routines’ have obviously taken priority, yet they have also been able to enjoy a wide variety of activities which the school lays on to enrich their lives. This term the girls have enthusiastically participated in many different weekend and evening events, from surfing and swimming to pottery making, from Wii dance events to paintball and bowling.  And there’s always lots of laughter to be heard on the corridors of Girls Boarding!  With just under a week of classes remaining before the end of term the girls are working hard and playing hard as the school continues with its schedule of seasonal celebrations. The girls are pictured in our iconic Red Library, looking forward to an evening out at a local restaurant, as well as house performances, boarders’ disco, Christmas Concert and the school carol service at St Michael’s Church in Teignmouth. When it finally arrives, their Christmas break at home with their families will have been well-earned and well-deserved.