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Gigathon 2016: pupils of all ages join in an amazing musical event

18th April 2016

Friday saw the School’s first Gigathon, when a large number of Trinity pupils of all ages perfomed a series of gigs inside and outside of school, taking Trinity’s music into the community to raise funds for charity and to show what our pupils are capable of.

Organised by 6th Former Oliver Holdup, and facilitated by many other students and members of staff, it was an ambitious project that really paid off for performers, audiences and the charities.  Late into the night, at the end of a long and busy day Mr Acher conveyed his gratitude to all those involved.

‘I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for getting into the spirit of the event itself and the build-up over the last few weeks. It has been an amazing day on so many fronts. It started at 08.00 at the station in the pouring rain with the handful of our resilient and passionate students performing on the station forecourt. As Cullan Smith pointed out it was so cold his fingers were splitting playing his guitar! Well done Diggory, Olly Holdup, Sean O’Farrell, Cullan Smith.


They then moved on to Union Street in Torquay supported with extra numbers and acts. The weather may not have helped but we brought our own liquid sunshine.  The musicians were amazing in the conditions and their talent shone and was a great advert for our school in a very public venue outside H&M/Primark.  The challenge was not only the music but collecting money from the public and not any easy task if you have tried it.  The team went from being shy to being proud, polite, confident and engaging with the public as they passed and stopped.  There were some amazingly generous donations and kind words – worth more than the money almost. By the end of the street performance phase we had raised £169 – a wonderful effort. Well done Georgia Marney, Lucianna Kaye, Jean-LucChenery, Hannah Powe, Rachael Arkell and the above group, and special thanks to Karen Holdup for arranging the street performance licence with Torbay Council and access to a local electricity point on the street.

Connor’s lunchtime session in the Refectory was great but the surprise Staff flashmob captured the students – they were buzzing on what they saw their teachers doing in lunch – truly inspiring.

I have to mention Tea and Tambourines with the Reception class – a raw and inspiring session, the youngest of our students playing and making a wonderful sound – smiles galore. Thank you to Rachel Eaton-Jones, Sean Lovett and 6th Form Helpers – Sophie, Sean and Tom Muckian.

The Prep then had a Spring concert which featured acts supported by the Senior department. It was an amazing event - huge thanks to the staff who pulled it all together. Parents kindly donated £88 on the door. Thank you to Nigel Birt and the Prep staff for giving up time and supporting the Sixth Formers who tried to deliver the event – your patience and support is hugely appreciated.

Then to the main event, the GIGATHON Concert– what a mix of talent and a great attendance. How many schools do you get Year 6 and Year 13 dancing next to each other at the same event ?  We are a big family. The acts were wonderful and very different, from Hannah’s Ukele to Larkside – featuring Rob Larkman and his awesome rendition of Mini the Moocher which got the whole crowd going.  Lucianna Kaye performance was stunning and so strong, to be followed by Rachael A whose tender tunes soothed the audience before the big finale.  The BTEC band played a strong set as ever, raising the temperature in the room with old favourites and some new stuff.  DJ Robbie Robinson and Sennen finished the night together blending the talents to finish the event in style.

The Karaoke Room was a magnet for talent and started at 5:30pm and carried on till after 10PM – we may need to have a karaoke night – and that was just the staff. There were some wonderful renditions but special mention has to go to Karen, Kathryn and Sarah for their Delilah cover – Tom Jones would have loved it!

Proceeds are still being counted and we will not know the final total for s few days ,but as I finish this we are at £645 – already a great effort by so many.

Oliver Holdup needs special mention, not just for delivering on his Gigathon idea but also for showing passion, leadership and courage. It was his 18th birthday on Thursday and he basically ignored it to make sure that today went as well as it could.  If you see him, please congratulate him – he has to get back to the day job now but Gigathon was almost a whole BTEC Music Performance module which I am sure he will have scored very well on!

Rachael Arkell – our Maestro and musical inspiration who has had the students working really hard to deliver today – thank you for your vision and passion which inspires the students to do things which they would never have done without her support. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty with Gigathon.

Finally my thanks to the team - all the staff who helped on the night and through the day from Prep and Senior Departments.

It has been a long but a truly inspiring day – all parts of our school were connected through music, we have been beyond the school gates, showcasing our students amazing talents and we will have made a real difference to the 2 charities we have been supporting. AIMS in Dawlish which supports family with disabled children – giving them a break as a carers and the Calabash Trust/Huckleberry Foundation that delivers the projects we work on in the townships of South Africa.' Mark Acher