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Gig Night launches 6th Form social calender

30th September 2015

Friday 18th September saw Upper and Lower Sixth Form students enjoying their first taste of this year’s Sixth Form social calendar. Their ‘Gig Night’ event was a spin on the original ‘Induction Disco’ idea.

Luckily, this year’s Sixth Form has lots of musically talented students, who together were able to create a band. Lower Sixth’s Sean O’Farrell and Diggory Puyal played the electric bass guitar and electric guitar respectively, and were joined by Upper Sixth’s Ollie Holdup, who played the drums, and Dan Williams who sang. Together they were sensational, with everyone dancing and singing along with them.

Once the live music came to an end Emily Ware, with the help of Sam Jeffery, took to the DJ Decks, to get everyone dancing and having a good time for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, most of the boys realised they couldn’t miss the first game of the Rugby World Cup for England, so a feed of the game was streamed in one end of the Salle, the occasional roar of celebration coming from the people watching.

It was a great night with lots of memories made for the new Sixth Form. And it is definitely something to do again. Emily Ware