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Fun and Fundraising part 2 - 6th Form Charity Day and the Gunk Challenge

20th April 2017

Our Spring term charity event went off with a ‘splat’. The 6th Form, led by our Charity Prefect Will Collinson, organised a staff and student quiz with a difference; if you got it wrong, you got gunked!

With Josh Walker asking the questions Katie Erskine (Head Girl), Sean O’Farrell (Deputy Head Boy) who stepped in for Alex Horswill (Head Boy) who was away! Katie and Sean took on Mr Milne and Mr Acher over 3 rounds of questions; general knowledge, sport and science.

Mr Milne and Katie suffered the jelly dip in round one, Sean and Katie got dusted with flour in the next round. The baked bean gunking was delivered to Mr Milne and Sean. The final dipping was won by Harry Hingston being first to answer a capital city question. He chose his Geography teacher as his victim and cooled Mr Acher with an iced water bucket!


The team of students who will be going to work in the townships of South Africa in July this year ran a Pizza Sale at break which sold out in minutes. The total raised was nearly £400 with some extra donations coming late. This was a wonderful event that saw students and staff going the extra mile for charity.