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Freddy walks for water so others don’t have to

15th September 2015

Year 7 student Freddy Thompson has walked to the top of the UK’s three highest mountains within just 5 days to raise money for a charity he feels passionately about. 

Freddy won a Rotary Speaking Competition whilst in Prep Department last year, talking about the work of WaterAid, a charity that provides clean safe water and sanitation to some of the poorest people across the world. He was so moved by the fact that more than 1400 children die unnecessarily every day from diarrhoea, and that this is preventable, that he decided to take action and do something about it. He set himself the goal to walk the three peaks during the summer break to raise £500 to support WaterAid’s work but his efforts have far exceeded his expectations, seeing him raise almost £1100 so far. Freddy explains, ‘I wanted to make a difference. It just isn’t right that we have so much when others have so little. I was happy to walk for three days to raise some money but imagine having to walk day in, day out to get water rather than going to school! I’m very happy that so many people supported me with donations, thank you to everyone.’ 

Freddy did the walk along with his proud dad, Mark Thompson, and their chocolate labrador, Lola. Mr Thompson said, ‘The three peaks are a challenging walk for anyone. I found it hard at times but whenever Freddy hit a difficult moment he would say ‘I’m doing this for people who don’t have water’ and that would keep us both going’.

WaterAid were so impressed with Freddy’s efforts that they invited him to their London offices this week to week to meet their Chief Executive, find out more about their operation and present him with a certificate.

If anyone would like to contribute to Freddy’s fund for WaterAid, they can donate online through: