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Extended Learning with Senior Religious Studies pupils for Prep 6

8th April 2019

Year 9 pupils put their learning to the test as they delivered a lesson on Islam to Prep 6.

The pupils have been focusing on Islam during their Religious Studies lessons, and invited Prep 6 to join them as they delivered a lesson on some of the most important elements of the Islamic faith.

The class was split into four groups which focused on different topics and encouraged learning in a number of different ways. These included matching up the Five Pillars of Islam with the Islamic term and description, a Quran question and answer session, key word information on the importance of prayer and a comprehension poster task with multiple choice questions.

Year 9 were praised for their preparation, delivery and helpfulness on the tasks, while Prep 6 were keen learners and showed a good understanding of the topics following the session. This included the Five Pillars, the importance of direction of prayer towards the Kaaba and knowledge of the pilgrimage Hajj and what is involved.